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Tonka Trouble...
It seems a 3 year old girl from somewhere Down Undah was the high bidder in an online auction for a full sized earth mover. Apparently little Pipi thought it was toy, & had memorized from her mother's frequent use on the ebayish site to make a successful bid as well as monetary transaction. After this little foible was discovered, TradeMe reimbursed the buyer, & even re-listed it free for the seller...In a slightly related story earlier this year, a school in Pennsylvania mistakenly sold a $60K trailer for a stinkin' buck. Unfortunately for them, ebay wasn't quite as understanding as TradeMe.

Television Piracy...


  1. This was epic, I'm sure the dr. Who nerds didnt care for their show being disrupted.

    Remember they did something similar last year with the super bowl.


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